Great American Beer Festival Gold Medal For Raucher Smoked Lager

After receiving a Bronze Medal from the prestigious World Beer Cup in May of 2016, we were doubly honored to receive a Gold Medal for the same beer from the Great American Beer Festival in October 2016. Raucher Smoked Lager is an exceptionally balanced brew featuring a dry, crackly smoke flavor reminiscent of a campfire. All of this award-winning beer's smoke flavor comes from Beechwood smoked malt -- no liquid smoke or other BS here! Raucher is available on draft (almost) all the time and on select draft lines in beer bars across Southeast Michigan. If you are a bar or restaurant interested in ordering Raucher, please call us at 734-369-2990 and we will connect you with the appropriate distributor. 


World beer Cup Bronze Medal for Raucher smoked lager

We were honored to receive a Bronze Medal from the World Beer Cup in 2016 for our smoked lager, Raucher. When crafting a smoked beer of any kind, a balance must be struck between three things: hop bitterness, malty sweetness, and smokiness. Too smoky, and you're drinking a hammy campfire. Too sweet, and the style loses its oomph. Drown it in hops, and you've got another beer entirely. We're a little biased, but Raucher is one of our favorite brews. It's balanced, sweet, and smoky, and it finishes with just a touch of hoppiness on the back of the palate. Drinkable, smooth, and delicious. Available on draft...80% of the time. 

Draft magazine names Gulo Gulo India Pale lager one of top 25 beers of 2013 

From Draft Magazine:

The sudden rise of the India pale lagerβ€”a lager hopped like an IPAβ€” was one of our favorite trends this year, and this superb version floored us. Brewed with five different hops and dry-hopped twice, Gulo Gulo immerses the senses in electrifying honeydew, peach, watermelon and orange before concluding with a classic, refreshing lager snap. This incredible hop profile makes this beer the apex of the burgeoning style and a must-try for IPA devotees. 

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