Harvest Deluxe Wet-Hopped Lager

Harvest Deluxe, wet-hopped with 28 lbs of Michigan-grown Cascade wet hops fresh from the fields, was the brewery's first foray into wet-hopping. Wet Hops, aka Fresh Hops, are literally just hops that have been picked right from the vine and rushed to the brewery to maintain their freshness before they start to go bad.  It is a very critical time in the processing of hops right after they are harvested.  Normally, hops go directly to a curing process where the moisture is removed to stave off any degradation. Why use wet hops? The draw of using wet hops is a resulting beer that is aromatically fresher and brighter with a just-came-in-from-outside vibe.

Coupled with nutty Maris Otter malt, this is a well-rounded pick of the fields is a smooth, well-balanced, bright, and hoppy lager with WSBC's characteristically smooth finish. It's our best version of a Pale Lager, similar to a Pale Ale.