Revilo India Red Lager

This fierce red lager is brewed using a unique malt bill that not only gives it its beautiful garnet hues, but also creates Revilo’s intricate caramel and toffee flavors. We couple Noble hops in the first part of the brew -- which give the beer its trademark bitterness -- with fruity American hops for flavor and aroma, and the combination produces our caramelly, malty, hoppy India Red Lager. Usually released around Valentine’s Day, but it makes cameos throughout the year when the mood strikes.

Massacre Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Dark Lager

If you have never called a lager “ferocious” then you haven’t tried Massacre. We start with an imperial dark lager and age it in heavy-toast Kentucky bourbon barrels until it’s ready to package, at which point we dip each precious bottle in red wax to seal in the deliciousness. Releases in October each year -- make sure to get yours while it lasts.

West Side Wheat

West Side Wheat is named for the west side of Ann Arbor where WSBC is located.  This part of the city is known for its laid-back, homegrown, community-proud mindset.  West Side Wheat is a no-frills wheat lager brewed with copious amounts of wheat malt, a generous helping of fruity Munich malt, and a dash of caramel malt.  We then round it out with citrusy American hops and some herbally English hops.

West Side Wheat is fermented at cold temperatures and lagered for 5 weeks at near freezing temperatures to accentuate the smooth, wheat flavors, and let the hops meld to give this exceptionally balanced beer its laid back hop finish.  West Side Wheat is a deep, burnt-orange hue with a warming, wheat haze reminiscent of the waning sunny, summer sky at dusk. The aroma is a blend of soft malt and earthy hops.  Wheat malt character abounds in both the flavor and medium body creating a very unique and memorable summer wheat lager to enjoy on a hot day or next to a roaring bonfire.

Harvest Deluxe Wet-Hopped Lager

Harvest Deluxe, wet-hopped with Michigan-grown Cascade wet hops fresh from the fields, was the brewery's first foray into wet-hopping. Wet Hops, aka Fresh Hops, are hops that have been picked right from the vine and rushed to the brewery to maintain their freshness before they start to degrade.  It is a very critical time in the processing of hops right after they are harvested.  Normally, hops go directly to a curing process where the moisture is removed to stave off any degradation. Why use wet hops? Because in using them, the resulting beer is aromatically fresher and brighter with a just-came-in-from-outside vibe.

Coupled with nutty Maris Otter malt, this is a well-rounded pick of the fields is a smooth, well-balanced, bright, and hoppy lager with WSBC's characteristically smooth finish. It's our best version of a Pale Lager, similar to a Pale Ale.

Drag Me to Helles Maibock

Our take on the Maibock, a traditional spring beer in Germany. This beer is characterized by its spicy hop aroma and rich malt flavors that are both refreshing and perfect for the onset of spring. We brew our Maibock to hit the top end of color and hoppiness for the style, bringing you a complex and yet easy drinking German-style lager. We use all German malt and 100% German Hallertau hops. Prost!

Volitionist Dry Stout Lager

Of our own free will we decided to make a lager version of a stout, something none of us had ever seen before. The brainchild of Brewer Karl Hinbern, this beer illustrates our commitment to the Lager Revolution and features classic roasty stout flavors like coffee and chocolate. We thought hard about how to make our lager yeast work with the roasted and chocolate barleys and the result is a soft, dry, smooth lager with a tiny hint of malt sweetness.


This festive German lager is traditionally brewed at the end of the winter brewing season and then lagered at near-freezing temperatures during the summer months to be released to adoring fans in September just in time for the season’s festivities. Our take on this classic style spends months fermenting until it finally adopts the soft, complex, and elegant character for which it is known. 

Cucurbita Smiles Spiced Pumpkin Lager

This beer uses a very cool recipe of grains that includes oats, biscuit malt and a very dark crystal malt that gives the beer its unique burnt-orange hue. We then use 100% pure American pumpkin puree and brown sugar right in the boil kettle. Coupled with nutmeg and our special touch of Saigon cinnamon, we create a delicate pumpkin pie flavor. With a lingering kiss of real vanilla beans for dry hopping, we deem this beer ready only when the vanilla gives its special character to the finished beer.

Five Shores Blonde Lager

Five Shores Blonde Lager is a deliciously hoppy brew made in honor of the Alliance for the Great Lakes, an organization which works to protect, preserve, and sustain the Great Lakes. Made with all Michigan malt and dry-hopped with Michigan whole-cone Cascade hops, every drop of Five Shores celebrates the five beautiful shores of the Great Lakes. Pretend you’re on a lakeshore (bonus points if you actually are), and breathe deeply to experience the citrussy, woodsy hop notes, and sip on its flavorful body, which is built on a simple, pure foundation of Michigan grains. This brew is sunshine in a glass, and we hope it reminds you of the sun flashing off the waters of the Great Lakes and every lake in between with each and every sip.

Snakes on a Shamrock

Available in March

Snakes on a Shamrock’s recipe is based on an Irish Red Ale style, which is the predominant style in the style guidelines, but it lends itself to much interpretation, including the ability to be reformulated into a lager.

It is made with mostly Pale Ale malt which is one of the more hearty of base malts.  We used flaked rice for about 15% of the recipe to lighten the body and then used Crystal malts to give the beer a nice soft sweetness. We then topped it off with a splash of Roasted malt and Amber malt to give the SOaS its deep ruby hues.

We used German Magnum hops for bittering, and to balance out the soft malt sweetness so there is very little to no hop aroma or flavor in this lager.


Green Thumb Session IPL

Like Gulo Gulo, but smaller! A brewer favorite, this beer required every bit of our team’s knowledge and experience with lower-alcohol/high hoppiness brewing. Oliver worked hard to pick the right barleys to lend the foundation for the fruity, citrusy American hops that are packed in to this lager. With its distinct flavors and aromas of pear, coupled with its eager to please bitterness, this beer is our one-of-a-kind celebration of springtime.

'38 Redemption

Brother beer of the Round 12 Munich Dunkel, this “Black Beer” or “Black Pilsner” is less rich and malty than the dunkel and known for its poignant roast character, crisp malt profile, and distinct hopping, very similar to a traditional pilsner. It’s named for the 1938 title fight rematch between Louis and Schmeling when, amidst the cultural and political hype, Louis defeated Schmeling by TKO in the first round.

Shiny New Toy

6.3% abv / 26 IBU
This copper lager was built freestyle from grain to hops and aged on American white oak, which is known for its rich, aromatic character and vanilla flavors. We released it for the first time just after Christmas 2012 – our first beer aged on wood and not in a barrel previously used for spirits. The result is a unique balance of hop flavor and bitterness – a real favorite in the Tap Room.

Pastoral winter Lager

6.5% abv / 18 IBU – Available November through February
Pastoral Winter Lager is built on a warming concoction of Pale, Dark Wheat, Munich Dark, and Special Roast malts. Rich ruby-brown in color, Pastoral gets its signature spiciness and sweetness not from sugar or spice additions, but purely from its grain bill and spicy Saaz and Willamette hops. Rich, flavorful, and warming, Pastoral Winter Lager is the perfect brew to toast the season.