Abalus Amber

5.5% abv / 23 IBU
Double Hopped Amber Lager. We call this one a mistake gone right. Head Brewer Oliver Roberts accidentally ordered an extra batch worth of ingredients for a Wolverine Amber brew – oops! So instead of waiting to use the grains he decided to double up the hops, adding some citrusy American varieties into the mix of Noble hops, then dry hopping it with whole leaf Cascade cones. A whole new take on an already great beer. And oh yeah, we didn’t filter this one so the beer evolves over time as well.


6.6% abv / 26 IBU
This beer has traveled with Head Brewer Oliver Roberts for years – from his days as a homebrewer to his time brewing the beer as an ale at Grizzly Peak Brewing Co. and now finally as a lager. This unique and complex beer is defined by obscene amounts of Biscuit malt that imparts a special character of toastiness, bread crust, and a sharp sourdough flavor. The sweetness of the malt base and smoothness from the oats, wheat, and Vienna malt combine with four different hop varieties to bring you one of our most distinctive all-malt lagers.


6.6% abv / 36 IBUs

Voyageur Saison Lager is a nod to some of the early European explorers in Michigan. To that end, Voyageur was brewed with FrancoBelg pils malts and lagered with French Saison yeast. To up the layered mystique even more, Voyageur was brewed with orange peel and grains of paradise, which impart a peppery, citrusy flavor. Voyageur boasts spicy Belgian esters and a velvet finish, and it's one of our Tap Room favorites!