Here at Wolverine, we’re pretty proud of our pit. Our smoke pit, that is. Boasting two huge custom-made smokers, our smoke pit turns out some of the best BBQ pulled pork, brisket, smoked fish, and ribs around. Just as we want to redefine what a lager can do, we want to redefine what a smoker can do.

We use a special dry-rubbing method that Wolverine State’s kitchen has single-handedly perfected, and we smoke low and slow for hours and hours on green cherry and apple wood. Using live, green wood imparts a distinct sweet smoke while being consistently clean.

Take one bite of our BBQ pulled pork “Brewmaster” sandwich, and you’ll be hooked. Next time, maybe you’ll try an order of our fish tacos with smoked wild-caught salmon. Craving more? We feature BBQ ribs, brisket, fish, and pork shoulder on a rotating basis. Renting out the Gulo Room for a special event? The Wolverine State kitchen will work with you to craft a menu that will blow your mind and make your guests come back for seconds and thirds. And fourths. Want a special order for a private party or a tailgate? We do that, too.

So, pull up a chair and let your tastebuds go nuts with a pairing of our Brewmaster with a Wolverine Dark lager or our house-smoked-bacon-laden Classic Club Sandwich with a Gulo Gulo India-style Pale Lager. With an ever-rotating tap menu and seasonally- and daily-rotating food specials, so many pairing possibilities exist! Here’s to finding your favorite. Cheers!


*For catering inquiries, contact the Wolverine State kitchen at, or give us a call at (734) 369-2990

*To rent the Gulo Room for a private event, contact