India Pale Lagers

Gulo Gulo IPL

6.7% abv / 65 IBU – Always on tap
This ground-breaking style combines the essential ingredients and hopping methods used to create a world-class I.P.A. with our expert lagering techniques and house lager yeast. As soon as this beer hit the shelves, we created an instant favorite among the existing and steadily growing number of “hop-heads” and craft “lager-heads” in the beer world today. Gulo Gulo India Pale Lager (I.P.L.) is hopped with Cascade, Chinook, Columbus, Warrior and Pilgrim hops. It is dry-hopped once in the fermenter and then a second time with whole-cone Cascade hops before packaging.

Gulo Noir – India Black Lager

6.5% abv / 61 IBU
Think Gulo Gulo, with a dark side. Gulo Noir is the crown jewel for those IPA lovers with a weakness for stouts and porters. This beer starts with Pale malt from Canada and then uses roasted wheat, roasted barley, and a few secret malt additions to give us the perfect platform for this deep, dark, hopped up lager. Beyond the wicked grain bill we carefully layered Cluster, Zythos, and Citra hops throughout this onyx-colored brew, which bring you a memorable and lasting bond of roastiness and hoppiness.

Insolent Mink v2.0 Hop Bursted IPL

6.2% abv / 78 IBUs

Back in the wee early days of Wolverine State Brewing Co., we made an ale called Insolent Mink. It was one of our most popular beers and featured a single base that was hopped with a rotating variety of hops each time it was brewed. Well, Insolent Mink is BACK! but this time, it’s a lager. This beer is “hop-bursted,” meaning the majority of the hop flavor was added in the last 10 minutes of the boil. Made with a crisp backdrop of Pils and aromatic malts, this beer has a hoppy, fruity character that just begs to be sipped over and over.

Revilo – India Red Lager

7.3% abv / 85 IBU – Available occasionally and around Valentine’s Day

This fierce red lager is brewed using a unique malt bill that not only gives it its beautiful garnet hues, but also creates Revilo’s intricate caramel and toffee flavors. We couple Noble hops in the first part of the brew -- which give the beer its trademark bitterness -- with fruity American hops for flavor and aroma, and the combination produces our caramelly, malty, hoppy India Red Lager. Usually released around Valentine’s Day, but it makes cameos throughout the year when the mood strikes.

Au Sable Rye IPL

6% ABV / 55 IBU
This Rye India Pale Lager or “RyePL” is named for the Au Sable River and the Sable which is in the same family as the Wolverine. Because of the rye in the recipe, Au Sable features a nice spicy character and bite that plays well with the hops.

This year’s Au Sable has tight, edgy hop bouquet that is lemony with a bit of orange character and a distinct “essence of hops” profile. This essence we get is becoming something we are finding typical of our dry-hopping methods and we are proud to showcase the American hop varieties this way.