The Flagship Lagers

Gulo Gulo IPL

6.7% abv / 65 IBU – Always on tap
This groundbreaking style, named one of Draft Magazine’s Top 25 Beers of 2013, takes the best of crowd-favorite IPA flavor profiles and combines them with our world-class lagering methods. Gulo Gulo India Pale Lager (I.P.L.) is hopped with Cascade, Chinook, Columbus, Warrior and Pilgrim hops. It is dry-hopped once in the fermenter and then a second time with whole-cone Cascade hops in our aroma-inducing chamber (AIC) before packaging.

Wolverine Premium Lager

4.7% abv/15 IBU - Always on Tap
Our flagship beer. This classic brew is easy-drinking and thirst-quenching, but still draws complexity from its grain bill, which features all American ingredients: Premium North American Pilsner malt, American brown rice, and Northern Brewer hops. Looking for local flavor? The water used to make this crisp and refreshing lager is sourced right from the Huron River in Washtenaw County, Michigan. Premium is enhanced by its brilliant golden color, which in turn magnifies its true malt flavor and crisp finish. Its complexity, crispness, and freshness mean this beer is as perfect for everyday drinking as the Huron River is perfect for floating on a summer day  -- so stock your fridge and enjoy! Cheers!

District 16 Amber Lager

5.5% abv / 22 IBU - Always on Tap

Our award winning District 16 Amber Lager is brewed in the Vienna Style with a blend of Vienna malt, Munich malt, and Pilsner malt. This traditional lager is medium bodied, showcasing a slight toasty aroma, and perfectly layered with delicate malt flavors. By using choice German Noble hops, it drinks with a well-balanced flavor and sessionable finish. The beauty of this brew is its clean, savory taste that is matched only by its vibrant amber color. This brew won gold at the 2015 World Expo of Beer and a silver medal at that same competition in 2016. 

Bluewater Light Lager

4.0% abv / 12 IBU / 85 calories
The concept for the Bluewater Light comes from founders Matt and Trevor, who wanted to offer the option of a lower calorie lager. At just 85 calories (!) not only is the Bluewater Light lower in calories than Wolverine Premium Lager -- it is also lighter bodied, with less residual malt sweetness. It is also more highly carbonated to give a little extra “bite” when drinking. Don’t be fooled – light lagers are extremely difficult to get just right, especially on the small, craft brewing scale. This beer is a full member of the Lager Revolution.


Wolverine Dark Lager

5% abv /19 IBU - Always on Tap
Are you afraid of the dark? Don’t be. This is Michigan’s smoothest dark beer, a dark beer even people who don’t think they like dark beer will love. Wolverine Dark will win you over with a mild maltiness balanced by a crisp feel on your tongue and a smooth finish.