High-gravity specialty lagers

Wolverine Massacre Imperial Dark Lager

14.5% abv / XX IBU – Sold only in October
If you have never called a lager “ferocious” then you haven’t tried Massacre. We start with an imperial dark lager and age it in heavy-toast Kentucky bourbon barrels until it’s ready to package, at which point we dip each precious bottle in red wax to seal in the deliciousness. Releases in October each year -- make sure to get yours while it lasts.


Gulo Cubed Imperial India Pale Lager

9.0% abv / 90 IBU
Truly the next stage of evolution in lager. The biggest and burliest of our IPLs, this mutant high gravity brew is literally three times the Gulo Gulo recipe! We had to make a few changes to fit all the malt in our brew house and get a little creative with our hopping to get it all in there, but man, is it worth the effort. Gulo Cubed, despite the massive amount hops, actually drinks even more smoothly than the original Gulo Gulo thanks to the extra grain. In the end we get a huge, hoppy lager up to its fangs in flavor.

Hunger in the Hunt Triple IPL

Where to start with this one? This brew is so big, so flavorful, and so deliciously complex that our minds are spinning. At once beautiful to behold, rich on the nose, and deeply, mind-blowingly flavorful, this is one brew you HAVE to sip to believe.

Its fierce, bright golden color comes from Canadian pale and pils malts, and you'll catch the scents of American aroma hops and layered fruit as if they're carried on a strong, Northerly spring wind leading you on your hunt. Bitey hop notes come from a flawless combination of Warrior, Chinook, Cascade, and Columbus hops, before mellowing out into subtle fruity notes. As the sun begins to warm our corner of the planet once more, this beer will provide the perfect big, bright, punchy, and charged-up complement.

Are you hungry?