World beer Cup Bronze Medal for Raucher smoked lager

We were honored to receive a Bronze Medal from the World Beer Cup in 2016 for our smoked lager, Raucher. When crafting a smoked beer of any kind, a balance must be struck between three things: hop bitterness, malty sweetness, and smokiness. Too smoky, and you're drinking a hammy campfire. Too sweet, and the style loses its oomph. Drown it in hops, and you've got another beer entirely. We're a little biased, but Raucher is one of our favorite brews. It's balanced, sweet, and smoky, and it finishes with just a touch of hoppiness on the back of the palate. Drinkable, smooth, and delicious. It's periodically on draft and set to return in late August 2016. 

Draft magazine names Gulo Gulo India Pale lager one of top 25 beers of 2013 

From Draft Magazine:

The sudden rise of the India pale lager—a lager hopped like an IPA— was one of our favorite trends this year, and this superb version floored us. Brewed with five different hops and dry-hopped twice, Gulo Gulo immerses the senses in electrifying honeydew, peach, watermelon and orange before concluding with a classic, refreshing lager snap. This incredible hop profile makes this beer the apex of the burgeoning style and a must-try for IPA devotees. 

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